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Some Safety Tips

by A Brighter Childhood on 05/16/13

Here are a few more safety tips from A Brighter Childhood Foster Family Services, Inc. to keep you and our foster youths safe.

Find your local Fire Department phone number and save it into your cell phone. You can call the Fire Department for any type of emergency. Oftentimes when calling 911 from a cell or mobile phone, the emergency call is sent to the satellite and then does not always go to the local dispatcher; it could be directed to a dispatcher a few cities away.

A Brighter Childhood Foster Family Service, Inc. wants to be sure our foster parents are prepared for anything and this includes knowing who to call for help. Identify the local number to call and save it to be prepared. Another idea is to have it written somewhere in the First Aid Kits. The Sacramento Fire Department’s number is (916) 808-1300. Please look up the number in your specific area.

Practice your prepared Emergency Action Plan with every single foster youth that enters your foster home so that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Also the practice will help identify possible problems that could arise with the needs of different foster youths.

Here is another tip for foster care: If you are cleaning up after an accident that requires sterilization (such as vomit), it is suggested to use a bleach solution of 1:10. This means one part bleach to ten parts water. In other words, pour one cup of bleach into ten cups of water. Be sure to wipe the mess off the surface in one direction so that you are cleaning the surface and not just smearing the mess around. Use proper precautions when using such poisonous chemicals.

We hope these pointers serve as effective reminders from our foster care agency. For more information, please use the "Contact Us" button.

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