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About Us
A Brighter Childhood Foster Family Services, Inc. (ABC) is a private non-profit 501(c)3 corporation serving our community in Sacramento, CA and outlying counties. Since our organization opened its doors in 2006, we have cared for over a thousand children and youths (ages 0-21) in family homes throughout the region. Our staff is committed to the family partnerships we forge and strive to enrich the lives of the youth under our care. 

In our community, we also have homes for our parenting teens and for our non-minor dependents ages 18-21. We coach and mentor our non-minor dependents to become independent adults while attending college, earning their H.S. diploma, and work experiences.  

We take pride in our personal relationships with each of our family homes and our youths. The delicate process of matching a child to a family is at the heart of what we do. ABC values the birth family, foster family, staff, placing agencies, and the community as partners in caring for our children. Everyone is treated as family.

Mission Statement

A Brighter Childhood, (ABC) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children in our community.

Our network of professionals linked with our foster families form the supportive foundation which will provide a caring, nurturing, and safe environment for each child whom we are committed to fostering.

ABC promotes quality interventions, the attention to provide emotional and financial support, while addressing the ever growing need for stability and positive life experiences.  

ABC strives to be recognized as the example of high standards, educated and well trained foster parents with the passion and skill required to understand each child’s experiences while ensuring a safe and caring home.

Program Philosophy and Values


... is committed to providing high quality care and continual support to our children and families.

... values the birth family, foster family, staff, placing agencies, and the community as partners in caring for our children.

... values ethnic and cultural diversity and individual strengths and differences.

... values nurturing, effective and positive parenting to promote healthy and lasting relationships.

... will collaborate with community service providers to enrich each child’s life-long experiences.  

... promotes academic and vocational successes, developing independent living skills, and establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships.

... values the strength and motivation of our foster families which inspires our children to build character and supports positive self esteem.

... adheres to the regulations and standards set forth by the State (CCL) and our agency.
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