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Resource Family Training
Become a Resource Family TODAY!
Financial Reimbursement/Support
Professional Support
Our Approved Resource Families will be trained and confident in Community Care Licensing Regulations/Title 22 related to Foster Care. Our policies and procedures will be presented in the form of trainings to ensure quality care, safety in the home, and the healthy development of each foster child placed in your home. Click here for training information and resources.
A Resource Family Approved Parent is:

  • An individual who has that unique skill to BRIGHTEN up a child’s life.
  • A person committed to support a child through life’s challenges.
  • The adult who is willing to learn and to teach a child new opportunities for play and to face life with new perspectives.
  • Eager to share an open heart in a positive attempt to empowered the child who has faced neglect, abuse, or has undergone trauma on how to trust and love again.
  • Available to collaborate with the team of social workers, teachers, counselor/therapist and community resources who will provide additional support to strengthen the future of our children.

Some of our youths also have a unique need for the type of parent who plays more of a mentoring role teaching life skills such as job applications, check writing, college applications, meal planning, scheduling medical appointments and more. We are creating life lasting relationships ​brightening the futures of maturing youths.

The raising of children requires basic needs to be met while also supporting a variety of enrichment and cultural experiences.  Financial reimbursement is provided every month. In addition each foster youth is provided medical and dental coverage during their period of dependency.
Each Certified Resource Family Home will be supported by our agency Social Worker in collaboration with the County to provide the highest level of quality care in the raising our each child. We respect that you, the foster parent, is the strength and the heart which strives to Brighten the life of a child in need.
24 Hour Emergency Support - 24 hours, 7 days a week, our trained staff is available to assist and support our Resource Families and foster children.