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Mother's Day

by A Brighter Childhood on 05/10/13

According to the dictionary, a foster mother is a woman who looks after and brings up a child or children as a mother, in place of the natural or adoptive mother. Here at A Brighter Childhood, we know that our foster mom’s are so much more.

Being a foster parent can often be more complicated than traditional parenting. The struggles and challenges foster youths face demand for more guidance and support from the foster care giver and the team of staff collaborating in the best interest of the youths.

Our foster parents make a positive attempt to empower the child who has faced neglect, abuse, or has undergone trauma on how to trust and love again. For older youths, many of the simple lessons such as meal planning, check writing, filling out applications, scheduling appointments and more, need to be learned from the mentoring foster parents.

The selfless act of opening up a home and life to a child or non-minor dependent should be commended.

So, this Mother’s Day we would like to thank all of our foster moms for their open hearts and committed service; you brighten the lives of youths and leave everlasting footprints on their futures.

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